By Dwight Estava, on 15 Oct 2021

Why Web Push Notifications Matter for Estate Agents

Did you know that as a business owner, you could be missing out on several customers and business opportunities by failing to use Push Notifications? 

While Push Notifications are commonplace on our smartphones, many website owners don’t even incorporate Web Push Notifications as they’re unaware of the benefits that notifications can bring to their business.

Thankfully then, in this post, we will be highlighting why Web Push Notifications are so essential and covering how they can help your business grow.

24/7 Instant Delivery

Undoubtedly the most significant benefit of Web Push Notifications is that you can reach your audiences even when they’re not actively using your website. 

In today’s fiercely competitive online-dominated world, you need to be able to quickly and effectively re-target potential customers if your business is to be successful. With Web Push Notifications, as long as your potential customer has an internet connection and has agreed to receive Push Notifications, you can communicate with your customers even if they have closed your website.

If your potential customer has no internet, the notification you wish to send them will be delivered whenever they go online again, even if they don’t revisit your website.

Easy to Understand

Push notifications are most effective when they’re short, simple to understand and most importantly, visually appealing. A text-heavy notification is less likely to garner attention compared to that of a relevant image that entices the potential customer to click through and return to your site.

Quick and Effective

Unlike traditional email subscriptions, which require a customer to enter their email address and other personal information, Push Notifications can be done with just a single click and require no personal information from the user. In addition, the fact that a customer no longer needs to enter their email address makes for an increased opt-in rate and an increased conversion rate as their personal information is kept private. 

Unlike other mediums such as SMS and emails, Push Notifications can increase the conversion rate by approximately 20%

From a marketing perspective, Web Push Notifications are a short, sweet, and effective marketing tool that is far quicker and easier to send than emails. If you have any experience in creating marketing campaigns, then I’m sure you’ll no doubt be aware that good marketing emails require a significant amount of time to create. Crafting high-converting subject lines, writing engaging copy and creating strong images is a timely endeavour, whereas, with Web Push Notifications, you can get information in front of your customers much faster.

Cost-Effective & Fully Compatible

You will no doubt be aware that many businesses now have either developed (or outsourced the development) of mobile apps to cater to their clients and customers that are on the move. While several companies choose to do this to take advantage of App Push Notifications, did you know that you can get a similar level of results just by using Web Push Notifications?

Web Push Notifications work much in the same way as mobile app notifications do. However, they do not require you to spend a ton of money developing a bespoke app for your agency. 

Due to their ubiquitous nature, Web Push Notifications work on virtually every web browser. So whether your clients prefer using Google Chrome, Safari, Microsoft Edge or Firefox, your Push Notifications can always reach your customers wherever they are and regardless of what device they’re using.


As mentioned in our first point, one of the main benefits of Push Notifications is that it acts as an effective way to re-market your website to potential customers. 

As an estate agency, it’s not uncommon for property-seekers to visit your site, search for a few properties and then leave before making an enquiry. However, with Push Notifications, you can effectively communicate with a lapsed potential customer, prompting and tempting them to return to your site and complete their enquiry form or arrange a viewing. 

Depending on the data you have already gathered on your lapsed customer, you can also send personalised push notification messages using their name and any other personal information to gain their attention.

What should you do next?

Apart from the obvious step of finding some time to set up push notifications for your agency and do some initial experimentation, why not speak to one of our consultants who can give you more guidance and information on how you can best implement push notifications, as well as a whole host of other useful advice, guidance and tips for taking your agency to the next level.

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