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By Dwight Estava, on 18 Dec 2020

Video Marketing for Estate and Letting Agents

Are you currently using video marketing in your agency? If you’re not using video to promote your properties and grab the attention of prospects within your local area, then now is probably the time to start. These days video is pretty much a must for all types of companies when it comes to their marketing, and property agents are no exception. It’s also a very flexible and diverse medium, so as a property agent you can use it in many different ways to help you to generate more interest in your properties and your business generally. That’s why we’ve put together this blog post to highlight some of the key ways in which you can use video, and why it’s important.


Benefits of using video in your property marketing

There are a whole host of benefits of using video across all industries and sectors. And property marketing is no exception. Let’s do a quick run-down of what those benefits are likely to be for you as a property agent:

It’s what your potential buyers and renters want

Perhaps the most important and compelling reason to use video in your marketing is that plenty of research has show that that’s exactly what your potential clients want.

General consensus within the field of property marketing is that around 70% of people who are selling a property would prefer to do so with an agent that uses video.

So  put simply, offering video to your prospects and potential customers is likely to win you more business.

It can boost your conversion rates

Including video content on pages on your website can improve your conversion rates from your traffic by as much as 80%! When someone comes to your website, it’s vital that you grab their attention and compel them to take action.

It can be tricky to do this effectively in this day and age only using text content. That’s where the addition of some video content can prove priceless. It can help to keep people on your site for longer and convince them to contact you or respond to some other form of call to action on your site.

Of course using videos to showcase properties can really draw potential buyers and renters in and get them excited about certain properties. This can help you to encourage them to get in touch with your agency and start that all important dialogue.

It can really enhance your email campaigns

As a property agent, it’s highly likely that you are regularly sending emails to your list of potential clients. The problem is, so are so many other companies and brands. And of course competitors of yours might also be emailing them to try and win their business.

So anything that can make your emails stand out has to be a good thing. Adding video content into your emails can prove invaluable here. It can catch the attention of your prospects and convince them to click through to your website from the email. This could be the all-important engagement that you need to convince that prospect to use your agency rather than go with one of your competitors.

Search engines and social platforms love video

These days, platforms such as Facebook and Google love video. It can be great for SEO and when done well, can gain you lots of additional exposure and reach.

Facebook has been prioritising video content for some time now, and tends to push video content to the top of peoples news feeds. This means that you can gain an instant edge over competitors who are not using video content on Facebook.

YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine. So pretty much everyone is spending significant time on YouTube looking for video content to educate and entertain them.

This does of course include buyers, renters and sellers within your local area. Many of them are going to be on YouTube all the time. So having a presence their when they search for anything related to property can be an invaluable addition to your sales and marketing efforts.

It creates more trust and credibility for you and your agency

One of the key reasons that people love video so much, is because it’s so much more visual and engaging. Crucially, this means that it’s much easier for your prospects and customers to see what you’re all about and get a feel for your passion and professionalism as an agent.

If you use video, it becomes easier for you to convince your potential clients that you are the right agent to go with. When they can see you on screen and can very visually hear what you have to say, it can be so much more powerful than any amount of written text.

The classic saying of ‘a picture speaks a thousand words’ applies here. In just 30 seconds or 1 minute of video, you can convey more trust and credibility to your potential clients than any amount of text.

Video content encourages sharing and word of mouth

Another great reason to use video, is that you can get more reach and exposure through social sharing and word of mouth.

These days people love to share content with others. And video is the preferred medium for sharing. So using video, you can get more people talking about your agency and what you do.

As an agent, most of your business is going to come from people in your local area. So by creating video content that people in your area talk about with others, you can generate significantly more brand awareness and local exposure.

A well put together and timely video might encourage people in your local area to share it with others also within the locality. Particularly if the video happens to focus on a local issue or something of local interest. This is great for brand awareness and can get people talking about your agency offline too.


Types of videos to get your started

Point of Interest Property Videos

You can use point of interest videos to showcase the local area that a property you have is located in. These types of video could focus on the specific features that make the area so attractive to potential buyers. For example, public transport, local shops and amenities, or parks and other green spaces.

The advantage of these videos is that they can really show potential buyers and renters what’s great about the property and the local area, and get them really excited and enthused to take action.

You can use these types of videos within your listings, but also in promotional emails that you send out to your prospects and on your social channels. They are bound to make an impression and get more engagement across all these various channels.


How To Instructional Videos

One of the most useful things you can do for your potential clients is help them in there property search as much as possible. That’s why producing videos that do just that can be so valuable for your agency.

You could produce a wide range of videos that focus on key areas that you can aid and assist. For example, use videos to answer key questions that you know many of your prospects and customers have.

You could focus on video content titles such as ‘How to sell your property faster’, or ‘Key things to check when you’re buying a property’. Presenting these guides and helpful resources in video form is something that local prospects should really appreciate and it’s likely to get you more attention and engagement then other forms of content.

Case-Studies and Testimonials

Video content is great for building up credibility and trust amongst your target audience. Especially these days, not everyone will be as keen to visit your branch and meet you in person.

So anyway that you can show your face to potential buyers and engage with them in a more personal way has to be extremely valuable.

Of course video is the perfect medium for this. For many people, buying a property is one of the most important and stressful events in their life. So they are going to be searching for an agent they really feel they can trust.

Video can be a fantastic tool for helping to build this trust and credibility. Video case-studies and testimonials can showcase how you have helped previous buyers and really give you an edge over your competitors.

Property tours and virtual viewings

You could produce property tour videos where you present an entire walkthrough of your property in video form. There is also the option to use specialist software to present virtual viewings using the latest 3D and 360 video technology.

This could help to engage potential buyers for longer and get them more excited and enthused about your properties than basic listings alone.

Video viewings can give your potential buyers a much more in-depth feel for the property and help to answer all the questions they have right away. This can help to speed up the entire process of trying to sell a prospect on a property.

Of course the added advantage here is that this could help you to attract more sellers as well. If you can offer them the added exposure of having a video viewing of their property available, this can only be a good thing.

Conclusion regarding video marketing for property agents

We hope you’ve found the information contained within this post useful and informative. As you can see, there are some great benefits to you as a property agent to using video within your sales and marketing.

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