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Short Simple Public Interactions

Short & Simple Public Interactions

Despite the 140 character limit, Twitter can be a fantastic marketing tool that if used correctly, and can elevate your brand into the stratosphere.

One of the unique aspects of Twitter from a marketing perspective is the ability to interact on a personal basis with your current or potential customers while striking a balance in tone between casual and professional.

Twitter, allows you to show off personal flair in your communications than email and helps to avoid the often stifled nature of a typical email.

In addition to adding a personal touch to messages, Twitter is also a fantastic place to answer any questions your potential customers may have regarding a property or any other aspect of your business. While responding to users in public can seem a bit daunting at first, it’s generally seen as a fair bit of free publicity. When done correctly, public Q&A’s show that your agency is a forward-thinking and communicative firm that is operating in the best interests of the general public.

Organically Target leads

Organically Target leads

While you can choose to approach Twitter much in the same vein as Facebook, with targeted ad campaigns driven by analytics; you’ll be missing pout on one of Twitter’s great strengths – organic traffic.

Due to the more open nature of Twitter compared to other social media platforms, as an agent, you can actively seek out and communicate with interested parties to help them find their first/next home. Making this more direct approach often results in a more successful lead, and potentially the retaining of a customer beyond their current transaction.

Stay Up to Date

Stay Up to Date

Twitter is a fantastic tool to help keep your agency’s finger on the pulse of the local and national market.

By searching for relevant keywords, agents can find direct concerns about a particular topic from residents in the area (or those looking to move into the area), as well as keeping abreast of any local events that may be taking place.

When used correctly, agents can utilise the data on offer at Twitter to find new local sponsorship and marketing opportunities as well as building a contact/outreach database of potential customers to reach out to at a later date.