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By Dwight Estava, on 15 Dec 2020

SMS Marketing - Benefits for Property Agents

Are you currently incorporating SMS Marketing into your agency marketing? If you’re not, then you could be missing out on a really valuable way of communicating with your prospects and customers. An increasing number of brands and smart marketers are using SMS Marketing as an important way to help them reach their target audience(s) on the move. Many agents make the mistake of believing that SMS Marketing is still a complicated and technical marketing channel, that can’t be easily and cost-effectively implemented. In this day and age, that’s no longer the case. With mobile communication technology now being more accessible than ever, with the right CRM and system, it can quickly and easily be incorporated into your agency marketing. And of course it can form an essential tool in your overall omnichannel marketing strategy. So with barriers to entry greatly reduced, what are the actual benefits of SMS marketing for estate and letting agents? That’s what we’re going to discuss in this blog post, and of course we’ll give you some great tips and advice along the way. Let’s dive in and get started…

Benefit #1 –  It’s a very direct and immediate channel


One of the key benefits of SMS for estate and letting agents is it’s immediacy. The statatistics surrounding this are pretty amazing!

SMS can typically achieve around a 85% read rate within the first 15 minutes of your campaign being sent. This could of course be invaluable in the often bustling and fast-paced world of estate agency. If you want to get urgent messages to your prospects, then clearly this is a good way to go.

Imagine being able to achieve this kind of reach so quickly. And consider how you can use this to your advantage. You can enhance your most important messages to your prospects by sending them a timely SMS to reinforce that key message. It’s extremely likely that almost everyone you send the message to will see it.

Imagine how powerful and effective that could be in some situations that property agents typically find themselves in. Of course, you need to use this tactic sparingly, You don’t want to bombard your prospects with too many messages. But save SMS for your most important and crucial messages – and the impact could be incredible!

Benefit #2 –  SMS Marketing reaches your users where they already are


The average person now checks their phone some 85 times per day.

What’s more, research has shown that the very first thing that most Millennials do every single morning when they wake up, is check their smartphone.

This all means that typically, SMS can achieve the afermentioned open and read rates in excess of 80%. That’s pretty astonishing. And certainly something that you should not ignore as a property agent.

In fact, SMS has by far the best engagement rate of any marketing channel. We all know that these days your emails can sit unread for days. And it can be a nightmare trying to get a hot prospect to answer your calls. But with SMS it’s a very different story. Your text messages are almost always read immediately once they are sent.

Compare this to email, which these days can struggle to achieve open rates much above 20-30%. And this is when you send emails to a well-targeted and active list.

It’s clear from those numbers that SMS should probably be playing a key role in your marketing strategy. At least in some form.

So especially for your younger prospects, using communication channels that directly utilise their phones is the obvious way to go. It’s pretty much guaranteed that most of them are going to see your message. You just need to make sure that your message is compelling enough to convince them to take action.


Benefit #3 –  It’s great at supporting and integrating with other channels


Another of the great benefits of SMS is that it can be great at enhancing what you are doing with other channels. For example, you can use SMS reminders to follow up on previous communications that you have sent.

Say you’ve sent an important email that you want as many people to see as possible. You know that only 40% of the people you sent the email to have opened it. Using the right system, you can send a follow up SMS message only to those people who have not seen the email. This could typically then increase the open rate by as much as a further 20-30%. When done in the right way, you can start to see how useful and powerful this could be. It can help you get your most important messages to more of the right people.

Having your various channels work together in this way goes right to the heart of the whole omnichannel approach. By combining different channels and integrated messages in this way, you’re systematically moving your prospects through your sales cycle in a way that makes sense both to you, and them.

SMS can be a great standalone channel in it’s own right. But it can really come into it’s own when used in this way in combination with other channels. It’s great at supporting  your other marketing messages and enhancing them.


Benefit #4 – SMS Marketing is now fully trackable


In days gone by, it could be a nightmare trying to track the effectiveness of things like SMS campaigns. The technology just wasn’t really there to do it. You would send your SMS message and try your best to get a feel for how well it had worked.

But things are very different now. With the right nurturing and automation CRM system, full tracking and analytics has become a doddle. What’s more, even your SMS is going to be fully integrated and synced with all your other channels. A great system will have this all built in, and will do all this heavy lifting for you.

By using custom tracking links in your SMS messages as standard, you can get really granular with your tracking. You know exactly how many people clicked through from a specific SMS message, and what they did afterwards on your website or landing page.

The level of trackability has now made SMS even more valuable. Not only do you get the incredible open rates, you also get to see exactly what happened when your prospects opened and then engaged with your SMS messages.


Benefit #5 – It’s great for things like research and surveys


Another key thing that SMS can be used for it to garner valuable feedback from your prospects and customers. SMS can be used to collect responses and automatically map those replies into statistical information and graphs.

This makes it a great channel for gathering information and data from your prospects. For example, you can ask users to text back a certain word of their choice to automatically map their response.

This can enable you to gather extremely valuable information about your prospects that can help you to market to them better. Understanding more about them and what they want can only be a good thing. And SMS is a great tool for collating this kind of information.


Conclusion regarding SMS Marketing


As you can see, SMS has developed into an extremely valuable marketing tool when used in the right way. It can be used to enhance your key messages and fill gaps in your nurturing approach.

The technology behind SMS Marketing has come on leaps and bounds since the days when it was first used by marketers. SMS is now fully trackable and integrated – so there’s really no reason to not be using it in some form when marketing your properties.

With this in mind, if you would like more information about incorporating SMS marketing into your property agency, then why not book an appointment with us. We’ll be happy to speak to you to offer some tailored advice and guidance.


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