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By Dwight Estava, on 4 Dec 2020

Push Notifications for Estate & Letting Agents

Are you currently using Push Notifications within your agency? Or have you ever used them in the past? If you haven’t, then this could be another key marketing tool that could help you to convert more of your leads. In this post, we give you the run-down of what push notifications are, how they function, and also provide some tips on how you can use them specifically as a property agent to help drive more sales. Let’s dive right in …

What are push notifications?

Put simply, a push notification is a message that you send to your subscribers that pops up on the device they are using. Your targeted users see a notification as a banner or pop-up alert as they are using their laptop, smartphone or other device. Push notifications look and function much like SMS text messages, but without the usual level of expense associated with these alternative methods of communication.

Push notifications are a great way of getting out real-time updates and important and time-sensitive messages. Your prospect will tend to see the notification in real-time, no matter what they are doing.

There are some obvious scenarios where having this form of communication available would be ideal for you as a property agent.

We’ll run through some of those examples later in this article. But just know for now that push notifications can be perfect for certain types of situations. Mainly because they have distinct advantages over other forms of communication such as email.

What are the key benefits of push notifications for property agents?

Push notifications allow you to reach out to your clients and prospects at just the right time, by delivering a message to them in a way that is likely to ensure the message gets read pretty much instantly in many cases.

We’ve already just touched on one of the key benefits of using them over other forms of message delivery. But there are a few more other key benefits that you should be aware of.

Highly engaging and interactive

Firstly, they can be highly engaging and interactive. If you do them well, you’ll have a clear and compelling message that pops up right in front of your targeted prospect. You can build a clickable call to action right into the push notification message. This means that it can take just seconds for someone to click on the call to action, from the moment that you send the push notification. This rapid delivery and consumption can be highly valuable.

They are non-disruptive

Crucially, push notifications are often very non-disruptive. Meaning that your prospects can just respond to the call to action without really having to interrupt their workflow. For example, they click and that opens a new tab in their browser and displays your landing page. But they don’t really have to interrupt anything that they were currently doing online.

This is important in this day and age. Consumers are now bombarded with marketing messages from a host of various channels. Attention spans have been whittled down to often just a few short seconds. So anything that can get noticed and engaged with almost instantly has become highly valuable. Push notifications fall squarely into that category.

Deliverability can be better

This level of extra engagement can be a key reason for using push notifications. They don’t get stuck in SPAM filters like many emails do these days. Plus even when an email does make it into your prospects inbox, it can get lost in a sea of many other emails.

Push notifications don’t fight for your targeted audiences attention in the same way. They tend to be a bit more noticeable and demand more engagement than many other forms of communication.

Statistics back this up. Push notifications can typically have click through rates that are twice as high as email. With this level of targeted engagement, as a property agent you shouldn’t be ignoring this marketing channel. It could prove invaluable in helping you to nurture and ultimately convert more of your leads.

Advanced geo-targeting functionality

Another key benefit is based around Location. The systems that drive push notifications tend to easily implement functionality that tracks the users location when they sign up to your push notifications.

Obviously as a property agent, location is crucial. You typically only want to be targeting people within a certain radius of your branch office, or of a property that you are currently pushing. So the enhanced location data available with push notifications can be a godsend. You can use this enhanced geo-targeting functionality to your advantage.

So how can estate and letting agents specifically benefits from push notifications?

There are some obvious examples where push notifications can work really well for you as a property agent. Let’s examine these now.

Urgent and time-sensitive messages

You no doubt often have very urgent and time-sensitive messages that you want to get out as quickly as possible. Say you have a really hot property that’s just come onto your books. You know it won’t be around for long. You need maximum eyeballs on that property as quickly as possible.

Push notifications can really help with this. They can get your alert in front of relevant people within seconds. Plus they can get them instantly clicking and responding to your call to action.

Highlight Limited Offers & Deals

You might also have a particular deal available that you can’t offer for very long. Or perhaps a property price drop that you want certain people to know about as quickly as possible. Push notifications can get these highly time-sensitive messages in front of your target audience in the fastest possible timeframe.

Help nurture leads with push notifications

You might also want to use push notifications as part of your follow up and nurturing of existing customers. Or priority leads that you are currently working through your sales cycle. You might want to deliver a key message to them within a very limited time window.

Perhaps you don’t want to follow up with them too soon. But when you do, you want to try and ensure they read the follow up message very quickly. Push notifications can be ideal for this purpose. They are great for reminding people to do things at a very specific moment in time.

Property alerts & important updates

Property alerts could be another great way to use push notifications. You don’t need us to tell you that the estate and letting agent business is seriously competitive. You will typically often have prospects and potential clients who need the right property fast. They can’t afford to wait around.

Having an additional way of getting your messages and updates in front of them in double-quick time can be a real competitive advantage. Your push notification might get noticed when calls and emails from other agencies might not be acknowledged right away. This could help to win you that all important customer ahead of your competitors.

Automate your push notifications 

The automation capabilities of push notifications could also prove invaluable to you. For example, you could set up an alert when the price of a property drops into the price bracket of certain prospects you have in your pipeline.

So you instantly make them aware of crucial updates that mean that new properties that currently weren’t of relevance to them, now become relevant.

Of course, the beauty of this kind of automation is that it does all the work for you! Instead of you having to spend time sourcing and calling multiple people, the system will let them know about the update at exactly the right time. It’s in real-time, the moment the update happens. And with the right message and call to action, they’ll be calling you instead.

This means as a property agent you can be more pro-active, dynamic and efficient. And that can only ever be a good thing.

Help coordinate key events like property viewings

You can also use push notifications for situations where you want to prioritise a small selection of your best prospects. Say for example anything where space or numbers are limited.

Examples might be things like open property viewings or private events. You can use push notification to help coordinate these activities. You can invite prospects within your CRM who meet a certain criteria, to sign up for push notifications specifically related to that event or activity. Push notifications can help ensure that they are notified first before anyone else.

Add property images for greater engagement

You can also use rich push notifications to add images to your updates. Obviously property marketing can be very visual, so this is ideal for grabbing a prospects attention and getting them to take action.

You can include the best image of a property in your alert. This can greatly enhance the engagement and effectiveness of any push notifications you send out.

Personalise your images to focus on what’s most important to your best prospects

You could even take this a step further and customise your alerts with images tailored to what you know your leads and prospects want. For example, do you have prospects who you know want a really big garden? Or perhaps they have to have a fancy kitchen? Or maybe a huge lounge is the most important feature for them?

Then why not send personalised alerts to these prospects featuring an image that highlights the specific features that are most important to them. By incorporating this level of personalisation into your push notifications, you can significantly increase their effectiveness.


As you can see, there are many ways in which you can use push notifications as a property agent. When done well, they can be an essential tool in your marketing arsenal.

We have examined some specific examples of where push notifications might be especially effective for you as an estate or letting agent. We hope this has helped you to see the potential of using push notifications.

If you would like more help and advice about how you can incorporate push notifications into the workflow of your agency, then why not make an appointment to discuss our nurturingAI system. We’ll be happy to help and advise and answer any specific questions you have.


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