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By Dwight Estava, on 12 Nov 2020

Omnichannel Strategy - 5 amazing benefits for estate and letting agents

Do you currently have an omnichannel strategy for your agency? Omnichannel marketing has been around for a while now, and it’s been proven to make a significant difference to all types of businesses in a wide variety of industries. But how can it specifically benefit your agency? That’s what we are taking a look at in this post. We’ve put together 5 of the top benefits that implementing an omnichannel strategy can have for your agency. Let’s get started…


Know your customers and buyers better

There is strong evidence that companies and brands that adopt an omnichannel strategy approach can reap huge rewards. One key benefit is often in the area of better and more fulfilling relationships with your customers.

How? By placing the customer at the centre of your marketing efforts. You can get to known them and their specific wants and needs much better, and ensure that you’re providing the kind of service that they need.

In the ever-changing landscape of modern digital marketing, knowing which channels and communications tools your customers prefer to engage with you on, can be a godsend. It can give you a decisive competitive edge that can be absolutely vital in the highly competitive estate and letting agent market.

Make your customers more likely to buy

There’s plenty of strong evidence to suggest that relaying the same consistent marketing and promotional messages across as many channels as possible, directly leads to more prospects and leads choosing to use your services and selecting you as their preferred agent. This goes to the heart of the real benefit of adopting an omnichannel strategy.

To give you some idea of the kind of channel integration that you should be aiming for, some studies have shown that when prospects and leads engage with a brand or company across as many as 10 different channels, this can increase the likelihood of them converting to paying customers by about 30%. This is compared to those that have only engaged with your company and brand across four channels or less. This is huge difference that will have a decisive impact on your business.

Put simply, you should be making a concerted effort to get in front of your best prospects using as many different marketing and sales channels as possible. Doing so could have a massive impact on your business.

Massively increase marketing efficiency

Another key benefit of adopting the omnichannel marketing approach, is that it can make your marketing activity much more efficient.

By focusing on producing marketing content and collateral that can be easily repurposed across as many different channels and mediums as possible, you are getting the maximum reach and exposure for your brand and company, with the minimum possible effort and resources required on your part. Marketing can be streamlined and optimised.

These days, your prospects and leads like to engage with agents on a huge variety of channels, and in many different ways. We have reached the point where consumer preference for things like video content and innovative ways of communicating such as Facebook Messenger, have penetrated almost all industries and markets. The property industry is certainly now no exception to this rule. So as an agent, you need to give your prospects and leads what they want, in the form that they desire it. Omnichannel focuses on ensuring that you do just that. 

Efficiency gains also come in the form of better synergy between the various departments within your business. With everything better connected and integrated, everyone in your business is clearer on what specific marketing messages are being promoted at any given time. This helps to aid internal communication and understanding, which is another key benefit of the omnichannel methodology. 

Better data collection and analysis

With an omnichannel marketing strategy in place, your agency will be able to collect and bring together customer data from disparate channels and systems. This can include cookies, social media, device ID’s, mailing lists and other marketing tools you might use such as referral programs.

There are some extremely powerful ways in which you can then use this extra data and insight. It will enable you to better understand your customers behaviour. Which in turn means you can implement better marketing campaigns going forward. Campaigns that lead to better engagement and conversion rates. Which is what every agency wants, right?

Enhance your brand visibility through an omnichannel strategy

You don’t need us to tell you that the property industry is a highly competitive one. Anything that can make your stand out and give you a competitive edge is extremely welcome. Omnichannel helps you with that too.

Another key benefit is the extra brand visibility and awareness that it can generate. By putting your brand in front of consumers over and over, across many different channels, you’re letting them know that you’re a serious player in the market. They’re seeing your brand presence across all the channels that they frequent. Which helps confirm to them that you are someone who can be trusted.

But you are also learning more about your customers and their preferences. Which enables you to consistently put marketing content and messages in front of them that is more personalised. This means your content is likely to resonant more with them. Which in turn makes your prospects and leads feel a great connection and relevance towards your marketing content.

Conclusion regarding your omnichannel strategy

As you can see, there are many great benefits to adopting an omnichannel marketing strategy for your agency. This methodology of marketing your agency can have some huge returns and rewards. Which is why we suggest you take a serious look at it now, if you’ve not done so already. If implemented in the correct manner, it could have an extremely positive affect on your agency business. It could significantly increase your chances of success.

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