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"What if there was a system that could increase your sales and productivity, and also help you to understand your customers better and build better more personal relationships with them at the same time?"


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What the video covers:

  • Why nurturingAI has been developed, and who the people behind the system are
  • Why the system is an important and timely tool for estate and letting agents
  • The problems and pain points that nurturingAI addresses, and how it aims to solve them
  • Examples of brands and organisations that currently use omnichannel within their business
  • Guidance on how you would set up and integrate the system into your agency’s current workflow(s)

"nurturingAI’s affordable and cost-effective system allows you to implement highly sophisticated and intelligent sales and marketing functionality into your agency - no matter what your size or budget restrictions. So why wait?"

See how nurturingAI can drive more revenue for your agency