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By Dwight Estava, on 5 Jan 2021

New Years Resolutions for Property Agents

Do you already have your new years resolutions in place? As we entered the new year, we sent out a quick list of 3 new years resolutions that we feel can make a huge difference to your agency in 2021 if implemented well. To continue this theme for the first week of the new year, we’ve decided to expand this list further and post our guidance and recommendations on our site in the form of this blog post. We’ll reiterate the first 3 tips for resolutions and then cover some further things that you can think about doing in the next 12 months that might positively impact you and your agency. Let’s run through the various ideas for resolutions now and hopefully we can enthuse and inspire you to try something new this year…

Be more innovative and forward-thinking

The property agency business has of course always been highly competitive, but with all the challenges that we are set to have to overcome during the next 12 months – 2021 could be one of the most difficult to navigate ever. Part of the solution can be to see how you can integrate more innovation into your agency, and try and get an all important competitive advantage using new and forward-thinking tactics and principles. So think about how you can incorporate new innovation into your agency during the new year. This could be one of the most valuable new years resolutions that you can focus on.

OUR TIP: Try and work smarter and get a competitive edge by incorporating new methods of sales and marketing into your workflows such as omnichannel. This could revolutionise the way you work and the results that you can achieve.

Use technology better

There’s a wealth of new technology set to come onto the market in the next 12 months, that can help you to secure more sales and revenue for your agency. Be sure to investigate the new options open to you, and integrate this new technology into your workflows where appropriate. Better technology continues to completely rewrite the rules of how effectively you can work across all industries, and the property industry is no exception (although we might have some catching up to do this year!). So be sure to use this to your advantage throughout 2021 if you’ve not done so already – the rewards could be substantial to both you and your agency.

OUR TIP: Try and find technology that does most of the heavy lifting for you and enables you to automate many of your repetitive yet time-consuming tasks. You are then free to focus only on the specific activities that add real value to your agency and can directly lead to increases in your sales and revenue.

Deliver amazing standards of customer service

Last year may have been a truly bizarre and unexpected one – but one constant remains as sure as ever – providing exceptional standards of customer service and care can get you ahead, and increase your bottom line perhaps more effectively over the longer term than any other tactic or strategy. So look for new and exciting ways that you can continue to improve the standards of customer service that your agency delivers. Especially in these highly challenging times for both agents and consumers alike – customers will thank you for it, and show their appreciation by ultimately bringing more business your way. Great customer service is always welcomed and rewarded, no matter what the year. So be sure to make this one of your key new years resolutions during 2021.

OUR TIP: Tap into the power of modern CRM features and functionality such as lead scoring, automation and personalisation to provide a better level of service to your customers that is more personal and engaging for them.

Use data and analytics to your advantage

There’s no getting away from the fact that we now live in a world where there is now an abundance of data available about almost every facet of our lives. This has fundamentally changed the way in which companies do business in almost every industry imaginable.

Having the right kind of data available at the right time to your agency could make a huge difference to your ability to win new business. So ask yourself how well you are currently using data and analytics to help you to acquire more high-quality leads and close more sales?

If the answer is not at all, then the new year is the perfect time to change this for the better. And even if you are currently using some data to drive your key business decisions and activities, then ask yourself whether you could, and indeed should, be using data a lot more?

The fact is that collecting the right data in a structured and strategic way can have huge benefits to your business. Collating the right data and analysing it effectively has the capacity to give you and your agency an extremely valuable competitive edge. So the new year probably marks the perfect time to overhaul your data and analytics systems and practices and start using this valuable tool to your advantage.

OUR TIP: As a property agency, you can bring together a whole host of valuable data on your prospects and customers that can help you drive more business. Make it a goal and priority to implement a system where you can bring together all the key data into one place. And of course in a format that is simple and effective to interpret. You should ideally be collating data in a structured manner on the demographics of your prospects and their individual preferences, how active they are on your various sales and marketing channels, and what types of content and information they prefer to receive from you. Then use this data strategically to inform your key business decisions.    

Do something for your community

As we enter another lockdown, we all need to be proactively thinking of ways in which we can help the local community that we serve. As a property agent, you have the privilege of offering a highly valuable and much needed service to your local area.

In these challenging times, make a pact with yourself to really give something back to your local community this year. Aid and assist people more in your community who are actively looking for help and advice and need some guidance.

Not only will you feel good about yourself for helping out, but over the longer term, you’ll also be rewarded with greater reach and exposure within the local area that you serve. So get this one right, and it’s a real win-win for both you and your customers.

OUR TIP: Start creating regular valuable content geared specifically towards the unique needs of your local area. Produce blog posts and videos that help people in your local area who may be searching for properties or require help with associated areas of finding and managing a property. So you can also hold events and webinars (online during lockdown) where people in your local area can come together and everyone benefits from pooling knowledge and resources. Try and make this content as relevant as possible for your prospects and customers. You can achieve this by making sure that you have the right data for segmentation coming into your CRM system, and by having a suitable system in place that enables you to manage that data effectively. Then you can send timely and highly relevant offers and content to the right people just when they most require your help with key issues and problems that they are likely to be facing.

Conclusion regarding new years resolutions for property agents

We hope we’ve managed to give you some more ideas and inspiration for things you can start doing this year which could have a significantly positive impact on your business. We believe that the above are the kind of new years resolutions that can really make a difference to you and your agency during this year.

These are of course challenging and bizarre times for us all, but with a little imagination and creative spark, you can get a valuable competitive edge, and set up yourself and your agency to thrive during 2021 once things really pick up again.

Plus by ensuring that you are innovative and forward-thinking during the very early part of this new year, you can set things up for real success as the year progresses. So use this early part of the year wisely and get everything in place to give you a great foundation to move forward with during 2021.

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