Map View New Features and Functionality

We've added some great new features and functionality to the Map View on our free-to-list portals. Watch the video to learn all about the new changes now.

Not sure how these changes relate to nurturingAI?



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How do these changes relate to nurturingAI?

To fully understand the significance of these updates you need to be aware of the overall ecosystem that we are developing, and the role that our Residential People platform plays in this. Have a read of the following for an introductory overview.

Residential People and nurturingAI are part of our overall ecosystem, and as such are inextricably linked. Through the seamless integration that this provides, you can have enquiries coming into your nurturingAI account direct from your listings on our free-to-list property portals such as Residential People, and the two systems will work together to ensure that those enquires are responded to and nurtured in the best possible way.

If you use both nurturingAI and Residential People within your agency, then nurturingAI will be able to receive the enquiries you have acquired from the Residential People platform and help you to organise and nurture them for better results. So as we develop and grow the Residential People free-to-list portal in conjunction with the nurturingAI system, you'll inevitably see more and more enquiries coming into your pipeline as a greater amount of property seekers find increased value in using our Residential People platform, as a result of the new features and innovations that we will continuously add.

To further enhance the effectiveness of our ecosystem for your agency, we also have Prospr within our product suite. Again, this will work seamlessly with both our free-to-list platforms such as Residential People, and our nurturingAI system, to provide you with further tools and market intelligence to help you better manage and nurture your enquiries and leads. So if you are not already on board with Residential People, then now is the time to get involved so you can benefit from these developments as and when they come to market.

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