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Brand Authority

Brand Authority

LinkedIn is all about building a business and professional social face for your business and your employees. As such, out of all the other social media platforms, LinkedIn is the most important when it comes to creating brand authority.

By successfully utilising the vast social media network, your agency has the chance to become an industry-leader and think-tank that can offer insight on a variety of relevant issues.

Sadly, Brand Authority cannot be built overnight, and as such, it will take some considerable time to navigate your band as a respected voice in real estate. However, suppose you’re serious about challenging to become the most influential or well-known agent in your chosen area. In that case, LinkedIn is a must-have tool that your agency simply cannot afford to overlook.

Build Relationships Target Leads

Build Relationships & Target Leads

Building relationships (or connections as they are called on LinkedIn) is one of the most important things your agency can do and should be encouraged amongst your agents to increase their reputation and ultimately bring more eyes onto your agency.

Connections on LinkedIn form a vital part of the lead-gathering process, and if you connect with the right person; you could be a step closer to securing your next major client.

As a business, you should look to regularly post your thoughts about developments affecting the property market in your area(s) as well as encouraging your agents in the company to do the same. In addition, you should also actively encourage your staff but to join and take an active part in the discussion on LinkedIn groups where they can share their expertise with others.

By continually sharing news and updates regarding the overall property sector (as well as those that directly affect your agency), your agency will be able to build strong relationships with the local community as those interested in your specific area.

Smart Social Retargeting

Smart Social Retargeting

One of the most important aspects of being an estate agent is the ability to rekindle (or maintain) conversations with previous clients even if they aren’t currently in the process of buying, renting or leasing a property.

Going hand-in-hand with building relationships and targeting future leads, social retargeting is a fundamental aspect of LinkedIn that is often overlooked.

Due to LinkedIn’s nature of being a more business/professional social platform compared to Instagram, Facebook and Twitter; it’s important to remember that just because a consumer is not in the market for a new property right now, that doesn’t necessarily mean that they won’t ever need one of your other services in the future. In fact, the lead that you might have otherwise given up on could later turn out to be a landlord who could come to your agency with a series of properties to let. As such, it’s doubly important to keep in close contact with key connections that you believe could be using your services in the future and look at the ways in which your business could offer them support.