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By Dwight Estava, on 23 Nov 2020

Lead Scoring Tips For Estate & Letting Agents

Do you currently have a system of lead scoring your prospects? If you don’t, then implementing this could make a huge difference to your business. You might currently be getting plenty of leads from the various portals and other sources. But which are the ones you should focus on most? If you receive 15 or 20 enquiries for a property, but only have time to call and email 6 of them – which six should you choose? In this post, we examine this topic, and give you some tips on what you can do to start improving the way you work in this area. Let’s get started…

How long did they spend looking at properties?


One key indicator of how interested a potential lead is, will be how long they spent browsing the postal or website. And of course how many properties they looked at. Are they just a casual browser looking to kill a few minutes before meeting a friend? Or are they a serious buyer who just spent an hour of their day viewing multiple properties and taking action on all of them? Knowing this can help you to direct your valuable time and resources in the right direction. It’s one of the key pieces of data at your disposable. And that’s why it’s a key lead scoring criteria.

What does their form submission tell you?


Often, you can tell a lot about a lead from their form submission. Someone who is really serious about securing a property is likely to be very careful about how they complete an enquiry form. It’s really important to them to come across as professional. And they want to be extra certain that they’ve provided the right information. So they’ll naturally make more effort with their form submission. You can use this to your advantage.

Of course, you’re probably paying attention to this already, but do you have a structured and effective way of building this vital part of the property buying process into a lead scoring system?

It can be typical for a lead who is more serious to provide all information in a neat and tidy format. Plus of course they will be more likely to provide valid email and phone number details. If they have taken more time to provide additional information, this is a sign they are someone you want to prioritise.

Are their certain keywords within the free typed enquiry text that indicates a particularly strong lead for you? Lead scoring can identify these ‘hot’ keywords, and increase the score of a lead appropriately.

Building these kinds of criteria into automated lead scoring can be extremely powerful for your business. It can automatically let you know who you should be calling and emailing first on any given day.

Do they open and view your emails?


You’re not always going to be able to get hold of your prospects by phone the moment you ring them. So you should be dropping them an email as soon as you leave a voicemail and having a structured follow up system in place.

One key sign of how engaged and serious they are will be whether they open and click your emails to them. If a buyer or prospect is serious, they are likely to be paying extra attention to their email inbox at this time. They don’t want to miss an important email regarding a property that they might want to act fast on. So many great leads are likely to be opening and engaging with emails from agents such as yourself. Tap into this insight by ensuring you have system that let’s you know which of your prospects are engaging with your emails, and which are not.

Consider the demographics of your leads


No one knows better than you what kind of people tend to be your most profitable clients. Take advantage of this information by building it into your lead scoring. There are a few factors that will tend to determine how promising a potential buyer or renter looks.

Location is a key one, as is income, budget and how quickly they need to secure a property. Using the right automation and lead scoring, these highly valuable nuggets of information can be build into the efforts of your sales team. It can help you efficiently identify the very best prospects, and focus more time and resources into engaging and nurturing them through the sales cycle.

Other online behaviour


With a good CRM nurturing system, some of your efforts will be directed towards engaging leads and prospects on your social channels. Platforms like Facebook and Instagram are now vital for all types of industries and businesses. Estate and letting agents are certainly no exception to that rule these days.

Lead scoring can also monitor when your prospects and leads engage with you on social channels and platforms, and build that into the lead score. Again, serious buyers are likely to be very active on all platforms where they might spot their perfect property. This includes various social channels that you have a presence on. So use this information to your advantage and ensure you know which leads are engaging on these platforms, and which are not.

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