Feature Focus: Campaigns

Discover more about what nurturingAI campaigns are, how they can be used and how they can help you to drive more sales and revenue.


"Well thought-out strategic automation campaigns can save your agency huge amounts of time and resources that can be directed elsewhere. They are quite simply one of the best ways for you to become more productive and work more smartly".

The 6 types of campaign in nurturingAI:

New contact

Use this campaign to instantly welcome a new prospect or lead as soon as they first engage with your agency. This is your chance to make the right first impression and re-engage with contacts as soon as possible after they have been on your website or any other of your sales and marketing channels. We have set templates that are optimised to get as many of your new leads and contacts as possible clicking back to your website and/or re-engaging with you multiple times within the decisive first few hours and days from the very first touchpoint with your agency.

Why is this important?

As with all things in life - you only get one chance to make a first impression! So what you and your agency does in the crucial first hours after someone has first engaged with one of your properties or your company can make or break a sale for you further down the line. The trust is there is so much more that you can do for your customers than simply provide details of properties that you have that meet their requirements and specifications. You can go much further and give them really valuable help and advice that will help them with the tricky decisions that they will face as someone looking for their next property. Make sure that you are not missing out on this decisive opportunity to close more sales.

New listing

With this campaign, you can send a communication to a pre-selected list of contacts that meet your specified criteria every time one of your new property listings is added to the system. This means that you ensure that your prospects and leads are constantly updated in real-time whenever a new property that meets their specific requirements comes onto your books. Again this all happens automatically through the system so it can save you significant amounts of time and resources trying to ensure that your key contacts are always updated and informed about relevant changes.

Why is this important?

In the fast-moving and dynamic property industry, things are often highly time-critical and you need to ensure that you move fast and stay really focused and organised in order to maximise your sales. The system helps you to do this by enabling you to set everything up for success before new contacts and leads have even submitted their initial enquiry to you. The fact is that as an agency in a highly competitive industry and marketplace, you'll be judged by your ability to keep customers informed and up-to-date, and by the perceived efficiency and speed of your service to your customers. This type of automation ensures that you're set up to impress your potential customers right from the off, and it can help you to get that all important competitive edge which ultimately can reflect in the amount of sales that you're able to close.

Anniversary event

This campaign enables you to strategically record important dates against each of your contacts in your database, and then send them automated communications based on those key dates. We have included templates and functionality for a wide range of different types of events and key dates, including customers birthdays, the date that your relationship with them as an agency first got started, and a range of seasonal key events such as Christmas, Easter, Halloween, Eid and Diwali.

Why is this important?

You don't need us to tell you that in this business and industry, personal relationships can often be the difference between winning or losing a sale! Your ability to nurture and manage relationships with your customers could be the difference between success and failure for your industry over the longer term, which is exactly why we've included these types of tools and functionality that enable you to build more personal and deeper relationships with your customers. These features of our system give you the tools you need to further impress your customers and show them that you really care about them and winning their business - whilst at the same time continuing to build you brand and agency awareness and stay top of mind with each of your customers and leads. It's a real win win for everyone.

Periodic newsletter

This campaign is for scheduling a regular structured update to your leads, prospects and customers that gives them your key company news and promotes your company and brand and what you stand for. Rather than just informing your prospects about specific properties, you can build a more engaged and personal relationship with them by showing them the personality behind your agency and making sure that they are fully aware of what makes your agency unique and special. This is great for keeping your prospects and customers informed about your key company news that can provide further credibility for your agency, such as key staff acquisitions and new hires, changing in pricing and new promotions and deals that you have running, as well as more quirky and unique news updates that further demonstrate the unique personality behind your agency and brand.

Why is this important?

As you know, people don't just buy into your properties, they also buy into your agency brand and your company as a whole. So it's important to show your unique personality and style in a way that can be easily and effectively communicated to your leads and prospects in a structured and consistent manner. These campaigns allow you to do just that. The truth is there are probably numerous events, updates and changes that can and should be communication to your prospects, leads and customers all the time - but how often do we always ensure that these key pieces of information are always relayed to the right people, at the right time. These types of campaign within the system aim to get you working better and smarter in this key area.

Follow up

This campaign taps into the immense power of sequential automation sequences that can deliver amazing results for your agency when done well. Using this campaign, you can deliver further automated follow ups to some of your earlier engagement with selected contacts, creating further touch-points which can serve to move your prospects and leads through your sales cycle faster and more efficiently.

Why is this important?

Research has show time and time again that modern purchasing behaviour and habits from consumers dictates that you need to be creating as many quality touchpoints as possible with your leads and prospects before they are likely to convert into paying customers. Whilst having a great selection of properties on your books capable of attracting the right level of attention might be your key focus, you'll do well to also concentrate on creating thee multiple touchpoints with your leads and prospects as well, as it's likely to convert into more sales and revenue for your agency over the longer term. You should always look for credible ways to re-engage with your prospects in a relevant and timely way that serves to further progress them through the buying cycle. These types of campaigns enable you to do this on auto-pilot using our built-in templates and functionality.


Of course there might be times when you simply need to respond quickly to a key change in the market or from within your agency - use the one-off campaign functionality built into the system to send an ad-hoc communication to your prospects, leads and customers, as and when required. Whilst we recommend you follow the major principles and protocols of the nurturingAI system in order to maximise your engagement with your prospects, we don't believe in very strictly restricting you to only be able to communicate with your contacts using the set automations and templates. So we've also given you this one-off campaign option so that you have massive flexibility and versatility using the system in terms of exactly how you engage with your prospects.

Why is this important?

None of us know exactly what's going to happen within the industry, or even within the local area and community that your agency serves. So inevitably there are going to be times when you need to respond as quickly as possible to key events and occurrences that are relevant to you as an agency, and to the customers that you provide your services to. You should also make a concerted effort to let all the right people know about major news that you have from within your agency, it's important to keep updating people on how you are growing and developing as as agency and constantly looking to improve and respond to industry changes and developments. The one-off campaigns built into the system are perfect for all these requirements.

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