By Dwight Estava, on 27 Nov 2020

Facebook Marketing for Estate and Letting Agents

Do you currently do Facebook Marketing for your agency? Across all industries and sectors, it’s now an extremely valuable marketing tool. But what are the specific key things that apply for estate and letting agents? In this article, we examine the main things that you need to know. Plus we offer some valuable tips and advice regarding how you can maximise the effectiveness of any Facebook Marketing that you do.

Reason #1 – Use Facebook Marketplace

With more than 800 million people globally using Facebook Marketplace each month to browse, buy, or sell items – it’s clear to see that the opportunities with this channel are substantial. Plus of course, there’s no monthly fee to list on the platform. So it really should be a no brainer for your agency.

These days, more and more buyers and renters are using Facebook Marketplace as an integral part of their property search. It’s quick, convenient and easy to use, making it a valuable tool for you to tap into.

Be sure to build up your presence on Facebook Marketplace if you’ve yet to start listing your properties on there. Otherwise you’re missing out on a huge opportunity to drive more business.

Reason #2 – Get smart with your targeting for Facebook Paid Ads

The real key to Facebook Ads lies in targeting. Get this right, and the return on spend of your marketing budget can be very lucrative. But conversely, get it wrong, and it’s easy to quickly rack up substantial spend on Facebook Ads without any real return.

There are hundreds of targeting options and variables in Facebook Ads. When combined, the highly specific audiences you can target are almost infinite!

This means that you really need to know what you’re doing when it comes to targeting. Which targeting options tend to work best for property agents? Should you use more of your budget to target new contacts, or direct it towards retargeting?

These are just a couple of crucial questions to ask. Getting this right can make or break your Facebook Ads campaigns. So be sure you know what you’re doing when running these campaigns, and do get help with it if required.

Reason #3 – Use the power of the Facebook Pixel

One really key tool that you need to use for Facebook Marketing is their pixel. In simple terms, this records a whole host of behaviour that your users and potential customers have engaged in.

It’s most basic use is to track people who have visited your website within a certain time frame. You can then specifically run ads only to those people who already know about your agency and your brand.

But you can use the pixel for so much more than that. So what are some specific examples of more sophisticated ways the pixel can be used for estate and letting agents?

Well, you can see if someone has spent significant time looking at multiple properties online in some detail. You can then separate them from others who have casually submitted an enquiry for a single property only. This can help to filter out the classic tire-kickers!

You can separate out people who have viewed only your most expensive and lucrative properties. You can then focus more resources into trying to re-engage those priority contacts.

There are so many more ways in which you can use the pixel to take your digital marketing to the next level. If you’re not doing this already, then you really could be missing a trick! So be sure to get started with it asap.

Reason #4 – Use video in your Facebook Marketing

We really can’t emphasis this one enough. Facebook loves video, and so it rewards you for using video in your campaigns. This means greater reach and more engagement for your Facebook Ads.

We also can’t stress enough that you don’t need to be a budding hollywood director to see great success with video content on Facebook. Sometimes very simple and basic video content that has an extremely valuable or emotive message works brilliantly.

These days, more or less everyone has a smartphone with a high-quality video camera built right in. And even in the current climate, there’s still plenty that you can do using just very basic video content. For example, why not record a quick video message from your office (or current home office!), updating your prospects and customers on latest news and updates.

People who currently can’t make it down to your branch might really appreciate this extra level of human interaction. Plus they get to see their favourite property agent in all their glory!

So start using video content within your agency if it’s something you’ve neglected to do over the past months. The rewards could be very significant.

Reason #5 – Split your campaigns depending on objective

One key secret of Facebook Ads is splitting your campaigns based on key objectives. This can really make or break the overall success of your campaigns.

Typically, this is done by running separate campaigns for awareness, consideration and conversion. These are often very different types of campaigns, targeting very different stages of your sales cycle.

So for example, you can use Facebook Ads to run awareness campaigns targeting people within a certain radius of your agency branch. This campaign can let them know your agency exists, and tell them about the specific services or types of property that you tend to specialise in.

Then one very different type of campaign might be focusing on converting some of those people reached in the awareness campaign, further down the line. So you might have learnt certain things about these leads from your original awareness campaign(s). You can then re-market to them to convert them, once you know much more about them. And once they know who you are, of course!

Try splitting your campaigns in this way to see better results and ROI from your spend on Facebook. If you implement these principles well, the results can be game-changing.

Reason #6 – Use current data and intelligence from your CRM for better Facebook Campaigns

Another great tip is to also use existing intelligence you have in your CRM to create and implement better campaigns. This can be another great tool that you can use to your advantage.

You can create custom audiences for your campaigns based on the data and intelligence you already have in your CRM (what do you mean you don’t have a proper CRM!).

For example, using lead scoring, you can export only those contacts in your CRM that are your hottest prospects. You can supplement any other follow up you are doing with some highly targeted Facebook Ads, to get an important edge over competing agencies also trying to win their business.

You could also export only those contacts from your CRM who meet a very specific criteria. Then you can target only them with ads which speak directly to them and their specific requirements.

All this could make the difference between a high value prospect choosing you over another agency in your area. You can use these marketing channels to show them how you are better. Or how you care more about winning their business than your competitors.

These are very powerful channels and techniques when used to their full potential. If you’re not using them already, then be sure to get going with them soon to drive more revenue for your agency.

So how can we help you with your Facebook Marketing?

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