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By Dominic Gabriel, on 18 Nov 2020

Email Marketing Tips for Estate & Letting Agents

Would your agency benefit from some great email marketing tips? Email is of course one of the key tools in the arsenal of any agent, so chances are the answer is a resounding yes!

Our omnichannel marketing software nurturingAI contains specific features and functionality designed to help property agents to improve key aspects of their email marketing. If you use it, you can transform your dreary email campaigns into proven marketing masterpieces.

So read on as below we present you with 5 highly useful email marketing tips which should help you to get more engagement and traction with your emails. Let’s get started…

Get Personal

It’s tempting to think only about customising a name when considering email personalisation. But if you want your emails to really stand out, it’s important that you tailor your content to match the type of client you’re sending the email to. For instance, a landlord doesn’t want to get bombarded with ‘personalised’ emails that showcase the latest rental properties you may have on offer. Nor does someone in the rental sector wish to be reminded about homes to buy that are unaffordable for their budget. So be sure to get personal with your emails. Send relevant content only to the most relevant people.

Subject lines are important

In the realm of compact email design, a subject and sender name might be the only part of an email your customer will see. As such, it’s imperative that you make sure you put your best foot forward in your emails. Create attractive subject lines for your emails to boost the chances of them being opened and engaged with. Subject lines are really key to success in email marketing. Make sure you invest the required time in them.

Create eye-catching designs

Make use of images, videos and where appropriate, GIFs. Use these formats alongside creative writing to create eye-catching emails. Emails that will stick long in the mind of your clients.

However, while it might seem like a good idea to fill your email with images, it’s important to note that many common email platforms will view your emails as spam if you overuse imagery. so go easy on images. Only add them when it’s really required.

Include a strong Call-to-Action

A call to action (CTA) should also entice your readers to ‘find out more’ about the content that you’ve teased in an email. Either by linking to an informative video or a detailed webpage with more information. It’s important to note that no single CTA is the most effective. As such, you should pay attention to the analytical tools that nurturingAI can provide. This helps to ensure your emails are as effective as possible.

Be mobile-friendly

No matter how good your website or correspondence looks on desktop, it’s vital to keep in mind that the majority of your client base is now on mobile devices. As such, you should endeavour to create both websites and email marketing campaigns that are mobile friendly. Make sure your emails do not take up too much space on smaller screens.

Include proper tracking links

Many agents still don’t include the proper tracking links in their emails. This is something that is quick and easy to do, but can have immense value when seeking to optimise your email campaigns.

The value is that you can start to see exactly how many people have clicked through to your website from each email you send. You can then also see exactly what those people have done on your website, and how long they have spent on your site. This is great for figuring out over time which types of emails work best for you.

By always including full UTM Parameter Tracking in your emails, it makes it easy to compare the effectiveness of each email that you send. This is vital data if you are going to do your marketing the smarter way, using data and analytics to drive key decision-making.

Integrate your emails with all your other channels

Sending an email to your marketing list is proven to be a powerful way to market your agency. But if you only think about each email in isolation, then you are really missing a trick.

If you want to really take your email marketing to the next level, then you need to integrate it as part of a wider campaign. This is one of the real keys to omnichannel marketing. If you get this right, it can have huge benefits to your business and reap big rewards.

So think about how you can use email marketing in combination with all your other marketing channels, all at the same time. Use email as one of many channels to distribute a specific message to your target audience. This way, each marketing channel will amplify and resonate the message. Which can lead to significantly more effective emails that garner greater engagement.

Conclusion regarding these email marketing tips

We hope you have found these email marketing tips both useful and informative. Try and get started now using them in your email marketing for better results. We promise it will help your business no end.

Want to learn more about how you can use email marketing to take your agency to the next level? Then start by visiting our dedicated email marketing page where you can get more details on the specific features and functionality that nurturingAI has in this area. Do also contact us with any other specific questons you have. We’re always here to help you as much as we can.





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