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Today's consumers should be tomorrow’s customers.


nurturingAI is a property industry-orientated automated omnichannel marketing system that has never been seen before in real estate.

As the brainchild of the free-to-list property portal, Residential People, nurturingAI has been designed specifically for property agents to instigate and take control of their marketing. At its core, nurturingAI will improve an agents brand awareness, as well as increasing their revenue to help them dominate their local competition.

Why nurturingAI?

Agent technology

Estate agents mainly rely on marketing their properties via boards and putting their listings on property portals. We are driving innovation through our revolutionary new AI marketing platform so that agents can become less reliant on property portals and put their own brand on a different digital playing field. We have found that the actual data behind many of these marketing systems (and the way they operate) tend to be crowded in secrecy, with dashboards that are hard to understand unless used by a digital agency or the portal itself.


Enter nurturingAI — the first Omnichannel marketing system that is easy to use with built-in machine learning and AI capabilities.


The omnichannel customer engagement hub that is nurturingAI helps to add a human touch to your automated communications, building lasting relationships with personalised messaging and smart, selective automation – across the channels your customers prefer.


As an agent, you can deploy campaigns quickly and effectively allowing you to do perfect pin point accurate campaigns that deliver higher quality enquiries.

What is Omnichannel Marketing?

The term ‘onmichannel marketing’ refers to an integrated approach to marketing whereby the marketing, sales, and other divisions of a business are all working in tandem to achieve the same goal.


Not to be confused with multi-channel marketing which refers to a disconnected approach across various platforms; omnichannel marketing seeks to fully integrate different divisions of a company to each other to ensure that every division is working towards the same goal.


With nurturingAI, we have embraced the concept of omnichannel marketing that has been virtually ubiquitous within the eCommerce sector and applied it to the property market. As an agent using nurturing, you’ll be able to create fully integrated and unified marketing and sales campaigns that stretch across all platforms and channels be it email, social, mobile or otherwise.


Omnichannel marketing typically makes use of various types of channels to achieve a complete and fully integrated experience. For more information on how to fully utilise each channel, be sure to check out the rest of our site.

AI in the Palm of your Hand

Our vision is to address problems faced by the property industry and have now found the key to unlocking the power of this fast-changing data while continuing to deliver a 1 to 1 level of personalisation.

The nurturingAI platform prides itself on being easy to use and an extremely effective tool for agents. Harnessing the power of the platform, agents can have multiple automated marketing campaigns that target and nurture home movers, sellers and landlords across multiple channels such as Email, Web and mobile, SMS, Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram and more.

With the ability to identify and track a variety of potential customers via multiple channels, nurturingAI can help an agent to create pinpoint and accurate marketing campaigns effortlessly.

Get a better return on your investment and stop wasting your marketing budgets on campaigns that do little for your brand.