By Dwight Estava, on 23 Mar 2021

15 Things Buyers, Sellers and Vendors Want from Estate Agents

It doesn’t matter what area of life you work in, the quest for perfection is always a good thing. Whilst it may be extremely difficult, if not impossible to achieve perfection, aiming for it can only be a good thing. It’s likely to improve your performance and keep you focused on the things that really matter if you’re going to become a better estate agent. But in order to strive for perfection, you do of course need to know what your customers really want from you as an agent. That’s why we’ve put together the following blog post which brings together most of the key things that buyers, sellers and vendors state they want from an agent. Read through the list of qualities and see how highly you score on each of them. Then ask yourself how you can improve and continue to develop your skills and personal attributes in order to become the best agent possible. 

#1 – Consider your clients specific requirements

Don’t just take the price and number of rooms from prospective clients, dig deeper and take the time to find out more specific requirements so you can provide a more personal and tailored service.

#2 – Fast enquiry response

Answering and returning their calls, and actively using email and other modern communications platforms to keep consumers regularly updated is also cited as something that’s really important for consumers when dealing with estate and letting agents.

#3 – Communicate the benefits

Consumers have stated that they want to be reassured of the benefits of using an agent versus going down the private sale route. So it’s important to have some way of communicating these benefits to them to put their mind at rest and reassure them they’re doing the right thing.

#4 – Be prompt for viewings

Consumers also made it clear that it’s important for agents to turn up on time for viewings, as often they are conducting multiple viewings scheduled around tight schedules and deadlines, so they need agents to be prompt and turn up on time – if they don’t, then it’s often annoying and inconvenient.

#5 – Be highly professional

Whilst it’s obviously important to be highly personable and friendly as an estate agent, most consumers say that it’s more important that an agent is highly professional and probably not as casual as you might typically be with friends and other acquaintances. Be sure to always project the right image.

#6 – Qualification & Reporting

One thing that came out of the research is that it’s important to consumers that agents qualify applicants properly and raise any concerns or issues promptly and effectively by reporting their status accurately at all stages.

#7 – Have a Plan B

Another key thing that came out of the research, was that agents should have a suitable response and alternative course of action and strategy if something goes significantly wrong, such as the sale falling through.

#8 – Good recommendations

It’s important to consumers that agents make the effort to identify and recommend only good, reliable conveyancers and mortgage advisors to provide added value to their services and further justify their costs.

#9 – Don’t judge

Consumers surveyed said that they didn’t want to be judged by agents based on their appearance or any other visual or demographic criteria – they want agents to treat them with respect and fairly and not jump to conclusions.

#10 – Be honest

This is of course always a big one – and the feedback from consumers in this case was no exception – they want agents to be open and upfront about their properties and all other aspects of a sale or rental.

#11 – Flexible availability

Consumers highlighted the fact that they appreciate it when agents offer weekend and out-of-hours services that make their life that little bit easier when it comes to meeting their specific property related requirements.

#12 – Viewing feedback

When asked, consumers commented that they want agents to give timely and honest viewing feedback so that they stay fully updated and can make the right decisions and adjustments based on this feedback.

#13 – Don’t rush viewings

Another little grumble that consumers expressed was that of agents not allowing adequate time for viewings, and therefore being hurried and rushed when conducting them. Always try and give yourself plenty of time.

#14 – Educate your first-time buyers

Those people who were buying a property for the first time and needed all the help and advice they could get, also mentioned that they want agents to give them as much useful and valuable guidance as possible.

#15 – Stay up-to-date

One final but really important thing that consumers mentioned they want from agents when asked, was that they ensure that properties and the status of them are kept up-to-date on their websites and property portals.

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